Be Inspired & Challenged

32 x 45-minute Lessons a week
Average 7-8 per class, max. 10 (same age and same level)
Academic placement test
All levels of CEFR accepted
Very international mix of students
Professional, qualified and experienced teachers
End of Course Report and Certificate

Language Skills: 16 lessons per week

Speaking: fluency & pronunciation

Listening, Reading & Writing: to support fluency

Grammar: Consolidation & opportunity to practice

New Volcabulary Reviews

A Friday Language Test: to assess learning progress & level

Workshops: 8 lessons per week

  • Putting language skills into action!
  • Creative, project-based lessons
  • Choose from a range of exciting subjects including Drama, Film production and Fashion & Design
  • Show off your skills at the Friday Stage & Screen Show

Hands-On Class: 8 lessons per week

  • Revise language learned through games and activities in a relaxed and fun environment to end the academic day